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【HQ】2014-3-27 POI 323 BTS via newscom

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Filming the season finale on White St., 3-27-14 NYC 


Queensland koalas (by San Diego Zoo Global)


Queensland koalas (by San Diego Zoo Global)

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Kevin spotted a crowd of us taking pictures of him, so he came over to pose.  After a few minutes, he was called back with the promise of returning.  When the scene was done, he came back over to his fans, posed for pictures and signed autographs. He’s the BEST!!

I don’t think this has any spoilers, but will tag it anyway.  Enjoy!


Recorded the entire segment, separated into two parts in case anybody who wanted to listen missed it or just want to listen again.

There are random but minor beeps here and there, sorry about that. No idea how those slipped into there. Hope they aren’t too distracting.

Here’s a rundown of the first part:

  • Intro
  • Andy Brown is a business owner in the Arlington community and one of the organizers for the fundraiser. He’s also been Jim’s buddy since high school and they both grew up together.
  • Why the mudslide caught Jim’s attention. You can clearly tell how much he loves his community back in Washington.
  • (Andy Brown) 5-8pm, silent auction for the cause in Downtown Arlington, Washington - Magnolia Hall.**
  • 11am - 4pm, accepting donations before the auction starts.**
  • Money will go to funeral expenses for victims, leftover money will be for the food banks.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will&Jada Smith, SH Quarterback Russell Wilson, NASCAR Driver Kasey Kahne, Writers&Producers of POI, Mel Gibson, are the few of many people who have already donated. 
  • Jim signed and donated his chair from the Person of Interest set. 
  • He used to fish steelheads out of the Stillaguamish River.
  • When he was in Holland, he used to brag and say “we have 2 whole fields bigger than yours from where I’m from” (jokingly) *he giggles* (LOL, shut up Jim)
  •  He, Andy, and there other close friend Jaymie (sp?) they all used to work in the fields; planting colliflower, working with fruits and such.
  • According to Jim, he was either doing those things or playing Basketball. so like him
  • (From Andy) A lady who runs an antique store lost her home in the mudslide. Despite her circumstances, she donated her stuff to help the cause.

**The address is 225 E 3rd St at Magnolia Hall for any of you who are in/near the Washington area. 

Click here for Part 2.


Here’s Part 2. Part 1 is here.

The rundown:

  • What role Jim’s faith plays in his involvement with this relief.
  • "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • While Jim was growing up in Conway, his whole basement was demolished because of flooding. 
  • You can tell he genuinely loves his close friends.
  • He also has dear friends from the Special Forces and those who fought in the Korangal Valley. One of them was killed in Fellujah.
  • He admires their spirit. They don’t leave their comrades behind and he doesn’t leave his community behind.
  • When asked how it felt to know that Jim (who is stereotyped because he’s in the Hollywood industry <~ self-explanatory) was involved in something like this, Andy said he wasn’t very surprised. Jim has always been in touch and has donated to his community before. Andy has never doubted Jim whenever he feels like he needs a call. 
  • Apparently, he and Jaymie (sp?) are the ones who kept Jim’s ego in check when they were kids.