Cute cannot describe his cuteness!!


Comic Con 2014 Person of Interest Panel

Clip 2, from 3HeadedMonkey

Kevin, Sarah & Amy questions & Audience questions

Zoe, surveillance, My Mom has a crush on Michael, Fusco a target, backstory for Fusco

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As show here at poidiscuss forums, pics of our smiling crew—plus Jim getting athletic by flipping over the desk to hug a girl who almost passes out in excitement, then him jokingly pretending to “hoist” Michael over for the next questioner!

Glad you were there, awesome pictures, thanks so much for sharing


Person of Interest panel. This little girl lost her shiy when Jim Caveziel straight up climbed up over a table to take a photo with her.

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Greg & Jim’s interview with TV Goodness at SDCC 2014

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One of the many interviews they did today. 

Michael Emerson is amazing!

SDCC 2014 POI Panel Video Highlights!!!

Wow ~~ Spoilers

YES!!!!!!  Now I know what was said in the park and it looks like John is a cop.  Wonder if he’s Fusco’s partner…..please let it be!  Can’t wait til the premiere!

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Greg & Jim at the WB signing booth

What a smile

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And the SDCC POI Panel has started

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Jim with a U.S. Navy seaman at SDCC 

It’s nice to know how much he genuinely cares about the U.S Navy… Jim pls ; - ; 

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