Jim greets fans leaving SDCC 2014

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#PersonOfInterest - Reese and his new badge. In the previous episodes he used badge number 8751 for Detective Stills. The new badge now has a number of 6231.So is his new undercover identity a detective working for Fusco?

So it may appear the Reese be officially working for the NYPD in some capacity as his cover identity. Total speculation at this point but could be feasible as his background and training he could pass this off. How would he stay off the grid of Samaritan eyes?

Thanks to mandirus for the image captures.

Was hoping it was a new badge number!

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Person of Interest - Comic Con 2014 -

Loved the look on Greg and Jonah faces!!!

Happy POI fan getting to meet the POI cast at SDCC, maybe thru the years?

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Jim - Comic Con 2014 - Tv Equals interview

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HD Screencaps I took of Jimmy in this interview because he’s just too precious not to~ <3 it took me awhile to get the tongue one just right

Of course, I didn ‘t forget this one because Jim went from serious to dorky as soon as Greg threw him off his game with that photobomb LOL

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Michael Emerson”s TV Equals Interview at SDCC 2014

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In my neverending quest to watch all the vids, I found this one to “Odds Are” by Barenaked Ladies, which is one of my favorite songs (albeit one I’d never thought of in PoI terms).  But it’s good!  There’s a lot of hugging and people smiling at each other and also a lot of Bear at the end.  Which I approve of.

Theme song for season 4!

If she doesn’t work for Decima per the EPs, then who does she work for?  She just better not aim that gun at TM! 

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