Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

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#JimCaviezel talking to fans outside Comic-Con… #SDCC2014

Another of #JimCaviezel outside Comic-Con… #SDCC2014

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My pics of Jim Caviezel finding this 11 y.o. girl’s question completely adorable. She comes up to shake his hand, and Sarah Shahi can be heard encouraging/suggesting he give her a hug, which he then takes to heart and climbs over the table to hug her and pose for pictures. She looks a little overwhelmed!


Person of Interest cast at the WB booth at SDCC 2014


Jim at SDCC

Nice close-up picture, looks like he was meeting with fans

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Today, July 29, 2014, is Kevin Chapman’s birthday.

As a present to us Irrelevants, we got some behind the scenes pics of Fusco in S4 E3 - Wingman.  Looks like Fusco is the Man in the Suit now!  (from Instagram)

Happy Birthday Chappy!  The Irrelevants love you!

I tried to increase the audio and enhance the picture quality of this  interview.

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Jim greets fans leaving SDCC 2014

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#PersonOfInterest - Reese and his new badge. In the previous episodes he used badge number 8751 for Detective Stills. The new badge now has a number of 6231.So is his new undercover identity a detective working for Fusco?

So it may appear the Reese be officially working for the NYPD in some capacity as his cover identity. Total speculation at this point but could be feasible as his background and training he could pass this off. How would he stay off the grid of Samaritan eyes?

Thanks to mandirus for the image captures.

Was hoping it was a new badge number!

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