Don’t know if Martin Freeman fans know this, but he will be attending the panel for “Fargo” at the Paley Fest in New York April 11th.

Don’t know if Martin Freeman fans know this, but he will be attending the panel for “Fargo” at the Paley Fest in New York April 11th.

More BTS pics of Reese filming last night and this morning for SE323, Deus Ex Machina

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I’m going to assume one of my followers needed a corgi today, and leave this here.

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10th Anniversary of “The Passion of the Christ” Panel

During the whole panel she was staring at the pretty face. Before the Panel start, Jim took off his coat and walked directly towards her and asked her where she came from. After hearing she was from China, he immediately wanted to shake hands with her, and mentioned his adopted children. He seemed to be both surprised and happy that she replied that she knew he has 3 Chinese children, so he took out his cell phone, inviting her to check out his family photos. The youngest son was really cute! She hugged him, said he smelled like flowers blooming on a pagoda tree. Jim pat her knee to comfort her when she covered her face trying to hide her feels after saying she loved him so much. Her friend didn’t know Jim. But after the panel she thought she learned a lot from his talk, the experience he shared. Jim caught a cab to back to POI set when panel was over.

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Fisher and his three boys…

POI Noir, Shooting in front of Fisher’s loft today…

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Another one from Chris Fisher


Another one from Chris Fisher

Michael, Jim & Bear today in Soho, filming the Season Finale, SE323, Deux Ex Machina


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Lucky fans from Norway met Jim on POI set today!

323 “Deux Ex Machina”


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Person of Interest has some of the most complex writings on TV. I love it’s parallels. Sometimes they are blunt, like when Root quotes Harold almost word-to-word: “Machine​ gave me the job. She didn’t say it would be easy.” or that time when Harold told Nathan that he will say to the irrelevant that he is truly sorry and he repeated the same words to Reese at the hospital, when John found out that Jessica died.

And sometimes they are like this.

Dillinger decides to flee to save himself while Reese decides to die to save others. Finch backs at Dillinger’s gunpoint while he stands still with John. Finch watches Dillinger die from the distance while standing close to Reese, ready to die with him but instead saving him. 

I know, Finch and Dillinger relationship has nothing similar to what Finch has with Reese and their reasons were completely different. And that’s the whole point.

I like the way screenwriters are playing with same ideas and situations, transforming them into something new. I like the way they are going backwards in time. The story evolves in many unexpected ways and each detail has it’s meaning after all.

And oh well, it makes me cry. It was cruel.

thank you

Introductions ~ Reese Style

Look ladies, Reese knows how to fold laundry too

A man of many talents!

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