He - A Birthday Tribute to Jim Caviezel

A birthday tribute to dear Jim. We wish you a very happy year!!!

A co-work with @黄忠公公 whose blog can be found here

Special thanks to jimcaviezelfan, whose youtube vids were invaluable to the making of this video.

beautiful… thank you


End song in Person of Interest season premiere. Perfect fitting to the montage. First time I went <i>running</i> for my iTunes. I do not have a large enough vocabulary for how much I loved the episode!

::Reese’s beautiful face::

4.01 Panopticon


Street Art byDavid Zinn

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very funny

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POI Noir, Two loyal soldiers…

POI Noir, Scarface…

From Chris Fisher @widgetfactoryco

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Jim Caviezel at PaleyFest Made in New York, October 3, 2013

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Happy Birthday to Jim Caviezel - born September 26, 1968

☆★☆Happy Birthday, James Patrick Caviezel | September 26☆★☆

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