The Ladies of Interest filming on W37th St., NYC

Tom/Ichabod playing baseball x golf [x]

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Jim Caviezel - Angel Eyes (2001)

Steven “Catch” Lambert


The Heart of When The Game Stands Tall


From Chris Fisher

@fallingfortom (RachelYY) on twitter is going back to China Sunday night. If you enjoyed her beautiful onset photos, please go to twitter and thank her for sharing and wish her a safe trip home. She is a very sweet and special lady! Thank You!

Happy faces

The ladies were on W37th St and Jim was on the corner of Washington Sq Park and Waverly Pl

EDIT: Please don’t take my watermark off my photos.

POI Noir, He’s Back

BTS, SE402, Nautilus

The Man In A Suit Returns!! 


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Help me make a good decision - John Reese

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I want to thank everyone for their support and love.  I am deeply touched.  I normally am not thin skinned, but her comment hit me where it hurt.  This weekend is bittersweet for me, as I travel out of state to attend my nieces HS graduation party and visit my brother, Jim (another reason why I love this name so), whose health is deteriorating.  His family fears the worse as he’s given up fighting.  Of all the members of my family who have been given the riot act by doctors, Jim has always taken his health seriously.  It doesn’t seem fair, but life often isn’t. 

Mondays set visit, seeing Jim and Michael and meeting fellow fans, took my mind briefly off this upcoming trip.  I would appreciate if you can say a prayer for my brother and his family. 

Thank you again for all your kind words.  It reminded me that one foolish person shouldn’t stop you from what you love doing.  Ravengemini, I hope you have joy and love in your life, because life is such a precious gift to waste.